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Hustle Hard Synopsis

Starfire Pictures' "Hustle Hard," screenwriters Sean Bolton and Chance Trahan's are excited to bring you this epic Billiards adventure. A test of loyalty, friendship and tempers boiling over as friends make their way cross country to Vegas to compete in a tournament that could change their lives forever. Their adventure leads them to unexpected places and hilarious memorable moments. This film is sure to keep your on your toes with anticipation until the very end.

"Hustle Hard" begins with the loss of a large sum of money which puts a strain on Nate and Tommy's friendship, and wages ultimate rivalry with the pool player who took it. There's no telling how far someone would go to win the game and in this tale of real life situations it goes too far. When Tommy vows to win back his money he's faced with all sorts of challenges on his path to victory.

The film follows the adversity filled mission of a man fighting to defend his honor as he moves through his trials and tribulations that make their way into his life. The story shifts to a crime drama mixed with comedy as the Sheriff's department tries to get to the bottom of the trouble that's been brewing at the local pool hall, Quik Jimi's.

The first half of Tommy's battle is struggling to get everyone to make it to the tournament in one piece as he tries to maintain a balance between getting his practice in and still finding time to let loose and have a little fun. Creatively scripted, this film is set to inspire and wow people everywhere. "Hustle Hard" is a great film filled with stories of friendship, perseverance and hilarious situations that come up.

Hustle Hard started out as a film school project that is becoming an actual full length film. Hustle Hard was penned by one of the greatest scriptwriting teams in film history. With anticipation on the rise for this film, we can't wait to see it! This film is being made with hopes of Netflix picking it up. The movie is set to be followed up with with a sequel and then a series to come after that.