Chance Trahan


A Meritus Party Political Figure who volunteers his time, Chance Trahan dominated each of his preliminary precinct positions in office through bypassing any elections or due processes, which speaks levels about our country's political parties. Chance is changing American government by exposing fraudulent political figures, CEOs and their backdoor methods. Once Chance gets paid for his work in Politics, that money will then go towards homeless Veterans. The time for corrupt politicians is coming to a screeching halt thanks to Chance's 'Mouth of the South' that gained him the rare position of being the first and only US: Commanding Officer. #STANDWITHCHANCE


Introducing the #MERITUSPARTY

A fresh Political Party for a New America. Politics have evolved, so have the Political Party structures. It's time to take our country back. Don't Tread on US.

The Meritus are only interested in doing what is right. We hold zero special interests, and seek resolve anywhere possible. We vote military style not favoring one side or the other, no matter the party, instead, we unify those.

Chance Trahan


Chance is taking a firm stance for true justice, accountability, and for lessening Congress conflicts. We unite as a pride, conquer topics like never before, and we move as a unit. We are swift and we accomplish the greatest that adversity has to offer us. We are one.

We The People DEMAND justice for the insider trading fraud scheme that happened in Las Vegas. We The People need pure food and water at a fair cost. Our health should not be so trivial. We can not afford to lose more brilliant minds. A student in school inspired me to get into politics very aggressively! He taught me all about each one of the USA Presidents, however the thing is that he was autistic.

The focus here is that we can all learn so much from one another. I speak for everyone when I say that we do not want to lose any other beautiful brothers and sisters and moms and dads nor grandpas or grandmas. We want you protected. We want you in good health. You built these roads we travel. We all built this great country we live in where we have many more rights than almost anywhere else. Stand with me, stand with me now, stand up to corruption.