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Dot Bwains Synopsis

Starfire Pictures' "Dot Bwains?" brings you the sillest cartoon adventure about the quest to find out who's "Dot Bwains". An adventure sure to test your smarts and feed your bwains. The bigger the bwains, the more the zombies like you. Does You Dot Bwains? It's the answer that all of the zombies are seeking. The one who holds the most bwains holds the most... Hmm... You get the idea!

"Dot Bwains" starts with the simple question, "Hey, You Dot Bwains?" and the stories that unfold from this one question are simply bewildering. Go on an interactive adventure with the zombies on their mission to find all DA BWAINS! When Edie the zombie is asked if he's Dot Bwains, his answer is "Yeah, I Dot Bwains." Zomboy gets the shock of his life when he learns that Edie has Bwains.

I could sit here and talk about this show all day, but the Zombies have something they want to get off their chest. Aye, yauh. He ids wiet. I do hab tumtin ta dit owf mah chezt. I am a dombie and Eim NAUT afwaid to tay it! You tilly dombie huntaz iz nebba donna dit me! Hay, you donna doe do dabenturz wit ufs? Otay! Den you need to doe to da webtiet, otay? Ipfs fun! Wet's do it! Yueh, wet's! Otay, Zena. Wet's do! Hey... You Dot Bwains? Den You Dot Fun!